I’m Laurel Swift. I Play Fiddle, Double Bass and Dance Clog and Morris.

Laurel Swift is a musician and composer, an inspiring instigator of creative new projects and performances rooted in the folk arts. She plays double bass and clog dances with Gadarene and plays fiddle with The Gloworms among other people. Laurel is currently absorbed in Travelling with Thomas, a project to write a folk musical in public, inviting people to come on the journey and see inside the artistic process!

Laurel co-created and performed ‘Under her Skin’ with Debs Newbold. Laurel loves to dance and has choreographed for theatre and film and directed national touring dance productions for Morris Offspring. She also teaches folk music, with particular focus on helping people find their own ownership of our shared traditions through creative approaches to variation, ensemble skills and simply having a good time!

Any Questions, Please Get In Touch!